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Faith is not only “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1),” but faith is active and also includes a willingness to examine what can be seen!

When religious officials slyly covet, steal, and bear false witness, both religion and government become oppressive!

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The Criminal Minds of Clergy

Jesus vs Clergy

A Theologian’s Scam
– And the Bible’s “Mistakes”

Desperate Preacher Exposed!

Jesus’ Message about “Authority”

“Public servants” are servANTS!

“Religion” often provides more theatrics than discipleship.  Until religious officials seriously honor the liberty and freedom given by the Exodus instead of protecting an “Establishment” that covets, steals, and the bears false witness – especially in the realms of both religion and government, I advise staying away from their Orwellian based “leadership!” (“Go Galt” – Religious Style!)

Warren Vitcenda


Let Religious Officials
Reveal Themselves!

The following articles are highly recommended for reading
along with the “Segment 1 Edition” of CLERGY SECRETS.

  1.) Limitations of the Lectionary,
        By Dr. Walter Sundberg (Lutheran)    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Dr. Sundberg’s article will provide you with a view into the mainline denominations (including The Roman Catholic Church) that both pastors and priests most surely do not want people to know about.

If your congregation has used either the Revised Common Lectionary or the Roman Catholic Lectionary for the last several decades (like most have), you may want to download the pdf file of “Limitations of the Lectionary” and/or print the article out on paper. — (We’re just sayin’…!)

  2.) “Questions about the Lectionary” CLICK HERE
      By Dr. James C. Goodloe IV (Presbyterian)

  3.) “A Canon Within a Canon?” CLICK HERE
      By Pastor David Flavell (Methodist)

  4.) “Is the Lectionary still Relevant?” CLICK HERE
      By Pastor Lauren Porter (Methodist)

  5.) “Old Testament Statistics Compared” &
    New Testament Statistics Compared”
      By Dr. Felix Just (Roman Catholic)

  6.) “Trends Among Lutheran Preachers” CLICK HERE
      By Dr. David Luecke (Lutheran)

  7.) “The Old Testament: A Heresy Continued?” CLICK HERE
      By Hemchand Gossai (Lutheran)

The following are
highly recommended!


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