Desperate Preacher Exposed!

“Religious officials” (i.e. pastors) often copy sermons from various sources, such as which costs just $39.95 for an annual subscription.  They then burden the “sheep” with wanting high salaries and benefits to “preach” such sermons!

Until December 2012, openly advertised on its homepage that it would purchase sermons for its “library” by paying up to $35 each[1].  Since 2012, it would seem that the website has accumulated a large enough stash of sermons, since its launch in 1996[2], to satisfy its subscribers as the website no longer solicits for sermons on its homepage.

Closely connected with most sermon websites, that are like, is the use of “lectionaries” which assign scripture for use in both reading in services as well as for preaching – with perhaps some political overtones.  The use of both the Revised Common Lectionary and/or the closely related Roman Catholic Lectionary in church services has caused some 90.4% of the Old Testament’s verses and 49.9% of the New Testament verses to be ignored (see pages 73-76 in Clergy Secrets).  Such “pre-scheduled tradition” has, for many decades, limited both the amount and the scope of the scriptures that are read and preached about in services.  It has also made way for the same schedule of assigned scripture verses to be repeated every three years.  In this fashion, religious officials have thereby repeatedly gained adulation, praise, and power by the easiest (and laziest) means available through controlling what scripture is used as well as reusing many sermons.

Due to the use of lectionaries going back thousands of years, clergy church officials could thus be considered foremost examples of unquestioned Orwellian authority!” 

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