“Public servants” are “servANTS!

The following is a selection from the META-INTRODUCTION

Remember, “servants” in both religion
and government are “servANTS!
(Emphasis on the “ANTS!”)

“Public servANTS,” in both religion and government, are required to take an Oath before they conduct their duties.  No matter what IDs, badges, clothing, and/or titles a “public serANT” has, in either government or religion, if the “public servANT” is without a certified copy of an “Oath of Office” and is not willing/able to read that Oath, then it SHOULD NOT BE ASSUMED that the “servANT” is willing to uphold your rights and/or your protections that come from either the Constitution of the United States or from the Ten Commandments.  Really people, IDs, badges, clothing, and/or titles do not a “public servANT” make – in either religion or government.  An “Oath of Office” is what makes them!  Always consider asking for a certified copy of a “public servANT‘s” Oath of Office and ask the “servANT” to read it for you – to protect YOUR RIGHTS!