HEY “Religious Officials”
Don’t Pass the Buck!

Religious officials, across the spectrum, have a sinister way of endorsing cunning “rulers” while they “pass the buck” to blame God for the bad behavior of such “rulers.”

An example is John Calvin, a notable Protestant theologian, who said the following in his writings called “The Institutes.”

“…they who rule unjustly and incompetently have been raised up by Him to punish the wickedness of the people; …a wicked king is the Lord’s wrath upon the earth”
John Calvin, Book four, chapter 20, section 25 of the Institutes.

If Calvin and many other “religious officials” really believed in the “power of the people,” they would have said something like the following:

“Good people” who do nothing against tyranny have been raised up by Him to punish their own wickedness and tempt chaos; …through a wicked religion of coveting and stealing through government that eventually pollutes all aspects of their lives – art, culture, education, and even medicine – to become the Lord’s wrath upon the earth.”
Warren Vitcenda

Calvin on Wicked Rulers and God’s Judgment

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