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The December 15th, 2017 Edition of the 154 Page
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See Behind the Curtains!
The People of God…
Compromised not by witches and demons,
but by their own “authorities!”

When did God command (or even “ok”) that religion not try keeping government honest about coveting & stealing?  Hmmm?
A church that is not taxed gives its heart more easily to “Caesar,” …even advocating coveting and stealing from others.

There is No Hiding Here for
Dishonest & Lazy “Religious Officials!”

What’s This All About?
After the Exodus from Egypt, Israel’s newly established freedom was quickly extinguished by its own officials who colluded to use both religion and government to form Orwellian “Establishment.”
It is a curse that has endured for nearly 3,500 years!

The curse started when Israel’s Old Testament Judges and the religious officials of ancient Israel dishonestly “read between the lines” of the Ten Commandments to allow coveting and stealing when done by government.  Religious officials were then rewarded in many ways by government over many centuries – as religious authority had become a sly, and highly important, enabler of the cunning tyranny.
The “Establishment” became protected, not the people.

Only events such as the Magna Carta (1215 AD), the Reformation (16th Century AD), and the American Revolution (1776 AD) have broken the ties of “authority” that have diabolically linked a long and sinister cooperation between religion and government – ties which have allowed religion and government to deceitfully collude as “Establishment.”

When sin becomes the widespread leveraging of “religious authority” to slyly advocate for coveting and stealing when done by the “Establishment” through religion and government – then that is diabolical Orwellian tyranny!
Does your religion let government covet and steal?
What are you doing about it?

“CHURCH”: Dishonest Until Taxed!
Taxing churches would motivate them to keep government honest, thus saving money overall.  If anything, maintaining such honesty in both society and individuals was what Jesus meant by “Render unto Caesar.”  It would be honest to both the Ten Commandments and God’s heart!  
Besides people, just consider this.  With a Federal Government that currently has $20Trillion of debt AND the Social Security Trust Fund going broke in the United States by 2034, you cannot afford dishonest “church” that inherently supports government – by means of silence – in coveting and stealing from YOU anymore!  “Church” loves to speak against injustice, but NOT if if it is against you!

Free the
“Priesthood of All Believers”
from Orwellian Tyranny!

CLERGY SECRETS was inspired by Captain Kirk’s
Kobayashi Maru Test!  If you know about it, you understand!

Does CLERGY SECRETS play by “church rules?”
No!  LOL!   But “church” certainly wishes that it did!

In the politics of “ministry,” tyranny is assembled in the pews…

“Ministry” Begins
Orwellian Tyranny!

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Read your Bible, but do so differently!
Religious Officials Are “LEGION!”
“Religious authority” has been a scam of collusion, between religion and government, to protect government’s acts of coveting, stealing, and bearing of false witness through controlling YOU by highlighting YOURS instead!

Jesus never gave up free speech or honesty in exchange for a crony “501 (c)(3)” deal with government.

See “Behind the Curtains” as “Religion” Slyly Seeks Adulation, Praise, and Power by the Easiest Means Available!

Behold the Matrix when Religion Becomes Tyranny!
Your time, your money, and – most importantly –
your honesty are all at stake!


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The Tribe of Levi was Evil (Genesis 49:5–7)!
Later, after spreading through Israel as the religious “Priestly tribe,” the Tribe of Levi heavily oversaw the abandonment of the Commandments to not covet & steal – especially regarding the policies and actions of Israel’s government.  In this way, Israel’s religion and government teamed together to make Israel into an Orwellian mafia-like nation whose cunning “traditions” of coordinating religion and government have come forward into the 21st Century!

Corrupt government is overlooked in the study of the Biblical Story… as if it were a loophole for coveting and stealing that “religion” protects.


Read the Bible Differently!
It’s amazing how much “faith” crony religious officials have had in dishonest government since the Exodus!

The Bible reveals corrupt government, but crony religion protects government by signaling “Nothing to see there!”

They Have Been So Deceitfully “Nice!”
“Religious authority” has been willfully
blind to government’s tyranny.

Without doubt, government is often highly dependent on the supportive “blessings” of “religious officials” in order to covet, steal, and bear false witness!


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