(Clergy Secrets is a Project in Progress.)

The People of God…Deceived Not by Witches and Demons, but by Their Own “Authorities.”

End Dishonest Levitical Authority
in Both Religion and Government!

Make Worship Services and Communion an Honest Domain
and Not a Cursed Monopoly for Tyranny in the Pews!

See Behind the Curtains!
When “Religious Officials” are “Blind, Deaf, and Dumb” about Government’s Coveting and Stealing, They Break Contract for Expecting Offerings!  Keep Your Money!

“Church officials” have long had staunch doctrine about “authority,” but “not so much” (i.e. hardly any) doctrine about good honest government that does not covet or steal.  They have also given many sermons about the sins of individuals, but “not so many” (i.e. few) sermons that identify how coveting and stealing is dishonestly done by means of “government.”  – Revealing!  Examine more!

What’s This All About?

Throughout the Biblical Story and Church History, Religious Officials Have Been Quite “OK” with the Coveting and Stealing Done by Government.  This Diabolical “Tradition” Continues Even Now as Religious Officials Choose to Follow the Uniquely Evil and Derelict Course that the Tribe of Levi, Ancient Israel’s Priesthood, First Set Itself Upon – as Told of in Genesis 49:5–7.

Doctrines on authority and honesty should have been closely linked since the Exodus and extended through the Biblical Story to Modern Times.  Alas though, religious officials and government have colluded for millennia as a cunning “Establishment” which has aimed to covet, steal, and bear false witness by the easiest Orwellian means that the dishonest use of “authority” can make available.

Tax the Hell Out of “Church”
So It Becomes Honest!

Only a taxed church will be honest about dishonest government!

Only events such as the Magna Carta (1215 AD), the Reformation (16th Century AD), and the American Revolution (1776 AD) have broken the ties of “authority” that have diabolically linked a long and sinister cooperation between religion and government – ties which have allowed religion and government to deceitfully collude as “Establishment.”  Across the ages, “religious officials” have been avid supporters of “Establishment” power and status quo.

Now in the 21st Century, the “religious officials” of the untaxed “church” continue to forsake the “Golden Rule” with their de facto operational theology that supports coveting and stealing by government.  They provide no honest “ministry” that protects people from being cunningly drained by “Establishment” rule that uses both religion and government for Orwellian gains.

If “church” were to honor the Golden Rule, it would pay taxes (like Jesus said to do) instead of being government’s most loyal media pawn.
Religion best causes government to be honest when religion pays taxes too, because religion then bears witness to society of the importance of righteous honesty.  Religious officials have long been in default on this score.


Jesus never gave up free speech or honesty in exchange for a crony “501 (c)(3)” deal with government – like modern religious officials have engineered.

“Church” turned bad during the Roman Empire by emulating the Orwellian “traditions” of Hebrew religion that allowed and even shepherded ancient Israel’s government to covet & steal.

Religious officials create a firewall for dishonest government by giving few sermons about coveting and stealing by government.  Isn’t that slyly teaching coveting and stealing?

With religious officials being so dishonest as they are, one would think that Jesus endorsed coveting and stealing as good government.

Besides people, just consider the following.  With a Federal Government that currently has $20Trillion of debt AND the Social Security Trust Fund going broke in the United States after 2033, you cannot anymore afford government coveting and stealing from YOU – especially by means of religion itself being used as dishonest leverage against you!

CLERGY SECRETS was inspired by Captain Kirk’s
Kobayashi Maru Test!  If you know about it, you understand!

Does CLERGY SECRETS play by “church rules?”
No!  LOL!   But “church” certainly wishes that it did!

In the politics of “ministry,” tyranny is assembled in the pews…

Your time, your money, and – most importantly –
your honesty are all at stake!




Corrupt government is overlooked in the study of the Biblical Story… as if it were a loophole for coveting and stealing that “religion” protects.

Read the Bible Differently!
The Bible reveals corrupt government, but crony religion protects government by signaling “Nothing to see there!”

They Have Been So Deceitfully “Nice!”

Jesus died & rose, so fear not when
fighting sly religious tyranny!