Is the Lectionary Still Relevant?

The link below, at the bottom of this page, will take you to a blog discussion where a few Methodist pastors discuss the Revised Common Lectionary.  About 80% of their discussion involves their complaints about the Revised Common Lectionary while much of the rest involves their echoing of the “traditional” status quo reasons for why the Revised Common Lectionary is used.

Note the struggle that the pastors have against the “status quo” as they try to be true to themselves about the lectionary. Their complaints about the lectionary include:
    1. The status quo pressure to use the lectionary.
    2. Bogus claims and assumptions underpin the lectionary.
    3. The lectionary omits much of the Bible.
    4. Most preachers “mind-numbingly” preach only the gospel verses.
    5. Lectionary use easily promotes laziness.
    6. The lectionary promotes obedience to “what?”
    7. The lectionary possesses bias in the texts chosen and omitted.
    8. Scripture readings often have nothing in common.

Then notice too how the pastors try hard to rationalize and not condemn the “traditional” reasoning for using the lectionary, which include:
    1. Following the lectionary is an act of “obedience and submission.” &
    2. “Mainline churches use the same verses every Sunday.”

***The real dilemma for these pastors is that they are trapped by not being able to be honest with their “sheep” concerning the troubling issues concerning the lectionary.  The “people in the pews” are not honestly told anything; people are treated like cash-cows, and deep down the pastors know this.  Few pastors in the mainline denominations are willing enough to even have a discussion like the one that you will find below in “Is the Lectionary Still Relevant?”        

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Is the Lectionary Still Relevant?
(A Blog Discussion)
by Pastor Lauren Porter (UMC – Methodist)

Some rare clergy do possess a bit of
honesty when “behind the curtain.”